Online discussion is the new form of communication that is facilitated by computer networks. Having an internet connection and your account on some social networking website, you can participate in different online discussions for no cost. Any social website can contain thousands or millions of members who take part in different discussions. People make different online discussion forums for general discussions or for business or specified discussions only.

You can get lots of valuable information from online discussion but you need to make sure that you join a forum with maximum members discussing on an issue you want to get information about. You can start discussion on any topic by posting a message or can take part in already ongoing discussion. An online discussion platform may be organized for general discussions or a business can make a website where online chat option is available for its existing and new clients. Such business live chat options give a chance to business people and customers to have one-to-one basis chat. Being a business person you can address queries of your customers and assist them in issues regarding your business. There are so many advantages of this live chat option in business world like:

• You can have an idea about number of visitors on your website
• Which page of your website is mostly viewed by customers
• Which websites are sending more traffic to your website
• Provide live assistance to your customers as and when needed

This was about business model where people can chat in real time. Now have some information about other online discussion forums. You can join different forums for time pass discussions, career related discussions, friendship forums, online dating forums etc. Whatever the topic of forum is, online discussion form is presented to the visitors for joining that discussion group. Usually information about the new member is asked in this form and a username and password is provided to the new member for private and secured online discussions. Online discussion form template can be used to draft a new online discussion form for different websites.