If you like to inaugurate a meeting delightfully, you should make an agenda to complete all tasks of the day. An agenda is a list of items mention on a piece of paper is advantageous for time management in meeting. A well organized formal meeting depends upon well written agenda with excellent management. It is a sketch of meeting which help in management of meeting. Keep in view these points for making of a meeting agenda.

  • Mention date of meeting
  • Mention starting time of meeting
  • Sitting capacity in meeting hall
  • Sitting place of honorable guest speaker
  • Place of CEO
  • Board members
  • Insure that Main points of meeting is available for everyone in front of them
  • If projector is required then find the finest place where visual seen clearly
  • Tea break time
  • Lunch time (If necessary)
  • Discussion time and end time


You can make an efficient agenda early from meeting and manage all arrangements for the meeting. An meeting agenda format makes your time table according to schedule to run the meeting smoothly without any hesitation. Time management is very important to inaugurate the meeting because every minute is important in order to fulfill all tasks. Allow adequate time to every person for question and answer about the meeting. Insure that the given time is convenient for every chair person to give appropriate opinion and possible solution. If presentation is prepared then play presentation on screen or projector on the time of visual. Keep in view end time of meeting and conveyance for guest to returning back to home. If guest comes from out of city make a proper arrangement in hotel for them. All these circumstances will complete if you make a perfect meeting agenda.

Meeting Agenda Format