Petty Cash Template

Cash handling is the worse job that I managed in my past life. Cash handling job doesn’t mean that I personally done this job but I was somehow directly or indirectly involved in this job. You will have to open your eyes and ear all the time which is quit impossible for human being. The biggest issue that I faced was the theft of small cash. Being a loyal employee, I personal fill my cash bucket with my own cash but it was not a great idea. So, I started working on Petty Cash Template to manage work accordingly. This template helps me a lot and i got succeed in managing my cash without paying a single cash note from my pocket. Petty cash template basically helps you to maintain your small cash which normally become the victim of staff ignorance. Through petty cash template, you can divide your cash into two categories that is small and big or risky and easy. All transactions that belongs to small cash can recorded on petty cash template and can be balance two times or three times in a day.

Here is Petty Cash Template download button.

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