A movie poster template or film poster template is a poster that is used for advertising and promotion of the movie. Normally the poster include the picture of the artist and some text or quotes, title of film, director or producer name and release date of movies are mentioned on the poster. Movie poster templates are displayed all over the state at specific areas and mostly are displayed inside and outside of the cinemas. Movie poster template gives the idea and subject of the movie to the audience. Nowadays the movie posters mostly feature photographs of main actors. These Movie poster templates are come in different sizes and styles depending on the film.

Movie poster templates are issued before the release of the film usually of one sheet but the studio issued many different styles of sheets of same movie. Film poster templates have been used since the early of 18th century for public exhibition. They began as public note which show the list of programs or films to be shown inside the hall but later on beginning 19th century they began to feature picture of a movie scene on the poster. Movie poster template is one of the best marketing techniques of any movie. In modern era movie posters are much more creative and attractive to capture people attention.

Movie Poster Template