A delivery receipt template is a confirming document that has been signed by the individual receiving goods to show that they have been delivered. Usually it is used to confirm the delivery of a good, message or order. However there many ways to use delivery receipts including in mail exchanges and also the logging of the orders sent out for delivery by a company. The receipt is a proof of delivery that the recipient received the contents that is sent by the sender. It becomes very crucial when legal and financial documents are to be exchanged between the two parties.

The document is used by most of businesses that transport valuable products through mail or parcel post will need the signed delivery receipt to make sure that the goods were actually received by the intended recipient. These receipts are very useful in recording the transactions of the delivery which are required in the financial references. These documents can be an effective tool for improving operational efficiency and quality. The delivery receipt ensures that the orders are accurate and the consumers are satisfied with the delivery. Nowadays emails can also come with a delivery receipt option.

Delivery Receipt Template